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Movie Presentation

Nanotechnology & Electron Microscopy (EM) department 2016

The Coda-Cerva, Nanotechnology & EM department, needed an easy to use & painless to manage all in one solution, which improves the department visibility, offers a secure document management platform & act as a mean of communications with its clients.

The easy to use & secure document management, allows the department to securely store, sort & retrieve its publications, datasheets, books, standard of procedures & its various literatures.

The two way communication provides the department with a mean to correspond with its clients for various analysis requests, documents sharing & results exchange.

The clean yet alluring design attracts future clients.

This modern design website acts as a “carte de visit” to draw future clients, provides an all in one platform for documents management & offers the department a way of communication with its clients.

The website is currently offline due to a merger between Coda-Cerva & the Public Health Institute.

L'atelier de Barbara 2012

Website design & development for a client specialized in old furniture restoration.

Fashioned with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 & PHP.

Click on the title to be redirected or on the left image for an overview.

Madf78.info 2012

Face lift of my 2008 website.

Designed and developed from the ground up in 2012 to demonstrate the power of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3.

The website is heavy on small details, effects, animations and hard work.

The idea was to create something new & different than what is available.
An out of the box design & implementation & a new way of presenting informations & navigating a website.

Many ideas still remains to be implemented, yet again, many projects are still at hands.

Madf78.info 2008

“A museum has to renew its collection to be alive, but that does not mean we give on important old works.”
― David Rockefeller

My second website, designed & only dedicated to sharing my photo albums.

Achieved in flash & action script 3.

The website will be back online in March 2017.


My dream house 2005

A design achieved in 2005 using 3Ds Max and Bryce.

The only decent design I still have from that era after a complete hard drive failure.
No backup!!! What a computer Scientist!!! At least, I learned a good deal from such mistake.
Lucky me, this design was in the cloud. God bless the clouds!

What I like about this design, is the representation of a home engineered in a protective shield keeping it beyond the reach of the outside world.
Location: a quiet peaceful place in a foreign galaxy, light years away!

Do not go on judgments, I am very socially active person but like everyone else, I appreciate my times of solitude